Dimension of I

by Inquinok

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Jdude thumbnail
Jdude very solid album! It remains atmospheric without compromising the heavy. Just straightforward great black metal with hints of something that's just a bit more Favorite track: Shrouded in Chaos.
Jon Shroder
Jon Shroder thumbnail
Jon Shroder Amazing new album by the band Inquionk, I highly recommend this album. Some of the best black metal I've heard in years! Favorite track: Shrouded in Chaos.
Shaleem Hosein
Shaleem Hosein thumbnail
Shaleem Hosein Appropriate sound and production for this heavy album. Repeated listens will be rewarded with a greater appreciation for the song structures, musicianship and overall presentation. Fierce, melodic, fast with obvious craftsmanship.
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Inquinok’s 3rd album entitled “Dimension of I” is set to be released this month (Jan. 2013). In 2009 Inquinok became a studio band of Krelian’s where he focused on writing for this 3rd album. This album also features the return of some original members with Andrew handling lead guitars in two songs and Dantven back on drums for the entire album. The album also features guest guitar solos from Spencer Hodge on two songs as well.

Dimension of I takes the band in more of a progressive direction and goes away from the concept/fantasy theme of the first two albums. Lyrically the album takes a more personal approach yet musically the album has more of a progressive feel overall and much less straight forward Black Metal sounding. Overall Dimension of I keeps much of its dark atmosphere and melodic/epic elements of Inquinok’s past but with a more open approach to the song writing.


released January 13, 2013

Album artwork by Emily Rose Singer

Krelian - Vocals, Rhythm/Lead/Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitar, Keyboards
Dantven - Drums

Guest Musicians:
Andrew Lawrence - Lead Guitar on Shrouded in Chaos and Engines Defined
Spenser Hodge - Lead Guitar on King and Dimension of I

Drums recorded by Dantven
Everything else recorded by Krelian
Mixed and Mastered by Krelian



all rights reserved


Inquinok Seattle, Washington

Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal band out of Seattle, WA. The band was started in 2000 by Krelian and Andrew but formed it's first full lineup in 2001. Over the years the band has made a name for themselves as one of the U.S. premiere black metal and extreme metal acts with it's 4 releases (one being a demo) including the recently released 3rd album 'Dimension of I'. ... more

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Track Name: Shrouded in Chaos
Petrified as the dust sweeps through the air
A storm of artillery a darkened whispered stare
Memorized, confetti of flesh painting the earth red

Bombardment of shells
A rise of Deafening cries
The War Machines marks a brutalized rise
Drained, exhaustion fills the air
Weaponry, insanity, paints the earth red

Fallen brothers, death from above
A momentary silence covered in blood
A bleeding out of sanity

Will I awake or drown in this hate?
Human kind dementia a form of insanity
Falling down, further away
Into this abysmal world of death and decay

Desensitized with death all around
Decaying memories, lost and never found
The crackling, the flames fill the air
Atmosphere of death and despair
Track Name: King
Roaming a world of turmoil and chaos
Feeling the warmth of the flames
Lighting the torch that shows the way
Feeling nothing in my wake

I rule this realm
With its perilous spiked gates
I am the king
This darkness I embrace
Fear means nothing
It fails to bind my fate
I am the journey
These scares I embrace

Crossing further into the realm of the observer
The past in the dust of my wake
Conquer this world
for I am the one that can end

Like a swarm
Carrying me away
The world is held before me
In the hands of the awake
A trial of wonders
A feeling of pure....intoxication
I will gladly drown in this sea of tranquility

My bane, is the minds ever growing strain
The past and future, hold no strength
Holding oneself in chains to not break away
This bane will not be my mistake
Track Name: Illusion
Wither in this tourbillion
Enveloped in the kind of madness
That circles around a mind of doubt
Seep into the windowless vestige

Imminence plays what the present cannot
As stillness moves throughout the landscape

The scribe unmarked
Ensuing a god, it persists

Slay the messenger
A Candle whispering in the silence

The faint glow of embers
An embrace

Cold is the darkest embrace
A madness entwined
In desperation

Searching deep within
Spiraling into the abyss

In the parlor of scars
I scratch echoes into the flesh
And iridescent fog from my breath
That instills stories on the fragments of windows

That have shattered
when I left the prose and runes behind
Singing sweet the play write

Blessed and fierce, torn like a family of paper dolls

I search in my mind
Fleeting words and lost lambs
That I sacrificed so longingly

An illusion
Track Name: Dominion
By a world of pretenders
Promoting...nothing inside
Projecting a world of lies
Further embracing this front
This facade, the false conversation
Sterilizing ...the truth
of what we have become

Within... this false dominion
We march towards a dissonant fall
As if walking blindly into the fog
We Assimilate to the mass hysteria

A dire need of pretense
A rendered essence of the self
This shelter has been built
Torn from the properties of awareness
This projection, spewing falsehood
Track Name: Banner
Walls crashing around
Suffocating relapse of time
awaken this inner turmoil
A dark illusion blinds the path

A perilous Endeavor
draining a reality I once thought real

Obtuse, is this failure
awaken engagement
Conquer this death....within

Trampling the order
Subjugate the dimension
Triumphant determination
Mind in disarray
Torn and shattered
left to decay

This severing will not break what's within
Determination enslaves such weakness
Thorns only shed splinters within.....the skin

Nothing shall shatter what's within
Determination enslaves such weakness
Thorns only shed splinters within

With time one can know
With a passion none can shake
A rock of certitude no can break
fearless is the triumphant of ones will

With a passion none can shake
A rock of certitude no can break
fearless is the triumphant of ones will
Death to those that stand in it's wake
Track Name: Tormented Skies
Turmoil spreads upon this deserted consciousness
The seas of the doubt, clouds an ever glimpsing vision

Skies awake
Calling to me
Saying to me…
Rise above
This suffocating notion

Tormented Skies
Clouding my vision
I turn away
Forcing my mind to….awake

Forcing me to awake

Suffocating my will
A darkness creeps over me
Killing the progression
Time and time again
Patience is a virtue but it’s grasping at the straws
The path of the dreamer
The last light I follow

This path of the dreamer
Filled with perils and collisions
Keeping this light lit
This is the true test of strength within
Will we be swallowed by the darkness?
Will we survive this abyss
Track Name: Engines Defined
This shell
Shattered are the contents within
Sprinkle delirious reason
devour your consciousness

Static state
Streaming dementia

For what is real
Is only a state of mind
Sharp shadows encroach
upon a vague sanity

Fear, the toxin burrows into the mind
Self..withering away
Clinging the inner walls of your flesh
Death is the only release
The Engines Defined

A storm of torment
Feeling the disdain of life
Awake, listen to the breathing inside

Engines Defined
It burrows into the flesh and skin
Engines of Hate
Listen to the fire within

Swallowed....in the abyss of the mind
Turning corners, a maze devised
Escape, this perpetual delusion

Broken sides of a hallowed design

Dimension of the I
An hysterical invention
A delicate abyss enveloping such
a thread sewn surface

My memory is rehearsed through emblems
And secrets that share a lively hood

I ponder the lust of no longer wandering
Existence among burning embers