Entranced By Twilight's Gaze

by Inquinok

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Borrit Just great Symphonic BM Favorite track: Lost in Dreams.
Jared Shaw
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Jared Shaw A Symphonic Melodic Black Metal band's first album. Full of jarring screams, Castlevania-reminiscent symphonies, and evil, haunting riffs. If you like Black Metal, this is definitely right up your alley! Favorite track: Semper in Angaria.
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enthused08 Has that excellent old emperor feel to it. Favorite track: Fields of Mourning.
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Inquinok’s first album which was released in Jan. 2006. Entranced by Twilight’s Gaze features songs the band had been playing live (and a few from the demo) for around 3 years before releasing this album. This album was originally attempted in 2004 with the other founder of the album Andrew (and original lead guitar player) who also wrote a decent amount of material for this album, with Krelian writing most of the album. The attempt in 2004 wasn’t satisfactory enough for the band and they decided to record the album again with Jer Keller with its new lineup including new lead guitar player Mordred and Anna joining on keyboards. This version of the album has one more track then the original with “Lost in Dreams” as that was the last song written right before going into the studio.

This first album is a concept album about a king who while about to lose his kingdom to a conquering nation ends up gaining help from a dark being known as Excidium to turn the tide of battle. The story leads to Excidium giving the king this power but the king is consumed with this power and it takes over him. In his blind rage and greed he ends up slaughtering his own people out of fear of being overthrown. The story concludes when Excidium relinquishes this power and the King awakens to realize the horror that has occurred by his hands.


released January 6, 2006

Krelian - Rhythm/Accoustic Guitar & Vocals
Mordred - Lead Guitar
Hrothgar - Bass Guitar
Dantven - Drums
Anna - Keyboards



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Inquinok Seattle, Washington

Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal band out of Seattle, WA. The band was started in 2000 by Krelian and Andrew but formed it's first full lineup in 2001. Over the years the band has made a name for themselves as one of the U.S. premiere black metal and extreme metal acts with it's 4 releases (one being a demo) including the recently released 3rd album 'Dimension of I'. ... more

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Track Name: Excidium
Army of the night awake for thy offering
To Plague mankind’s existence

Darkness engulfs the land
As a fallen sky’s last demand
Streams of consciousness pierce through my heart

Impale their beloved martyr’s
Thy sacred land shall be their tomb
Bringer of death, immense yourself in their decay

Swirling madness intrudes my soul
A thunderous act of laughter
It has begun

And none shall stand
Against our might

My existence.... bound in thorns
Plagued by the entity of man
We devour the weakness that is the flesh
We shall prevail

Descending (through) the sky, we march
The armies of darkness
Side by side, we are one

Pure Armageddon
A storm of choirs
Howling screams of pain
Awakens the earth from its hibernation
The black wind howls

As sky falls to earth below
I sense our demise
As I fall silently into darkness
I grip thy hilt of my sword as I slowly fade away
Track Name: Fields of Mourning
Nightfall, brings bitter silence
Lifeless streams blind my undying eye
This silence was broken
By cries from thee immortal sky
I breathe the air of this internal fire

Of Vengeance
Of Reprisal
Becomes death and a new arrival

Of Sacrament
Of One
Becomes Martyrdom for the fallen ones

Blood stained, a curse upon existence
A feast of eternal power
Dwells within us, the sacred soil of life
The serpent of light’s demise

A mournful sight upon the veil of time
Caressed by the hymn of the night
We are the keepers

A plague that drowns thy very heart
A spell is cast upon the light
We are the reapers

A revelation inscribed in flames

Fallen Kingdoms of past revelations
Fear driven in death drawn plague
Blood of men cast upon the flame
Track Name: Lost in Dreams
Maddening souls consume the withering night
A desolate cry surrounds the fading light

Rising from their shallow graves
Pale lords of darkness and dismay
Cloaked in their black robes they thrive
On shackled dreams they deprive

From the darkest thoughts, breeds a bleeding mind
Rising above an earthly throne, he welcomes the eternal night

A glimmering hope, yet faint
Hearts ablaze, a subjugated fate
Piercing valor, a virtuous gaze
Anthems of these blackened days

With Crimson Tears
The blood will rain
Shattered souls from the demons bane

Anthems of these blackened days
Track Name: Entranced By Twilight's Gaze
Hypnotized, as your world dies in scorn
Close your eyes, a new world is born
Shrouded in darkness, the tricksters form of gold
Blind these eyes, cursed with lies, hypnotized

Further approaching your subconscious throne
Gasping your eyes, feeling…so cold
An Emptiness, creeps without dismay
Awakened this time, cursed with lies, hypnotized

Within a trance
Memories pass
From Twilight’s Mask

A realm of Fear
A blinded path
Chains are cast

Call forth a blackened time
Withering souls of a ransacked mind

Entranced, a accursed rage
Upon this throne lies an empty gaze
Track Name: Shadows Amongst The Moonlight
Under the moon and into Darkness
The wind brings torment to me
A vision proceeds

Of fear I wonder
What can this void bring?
Can I see the virtue of these darker times?

Admidst these damn shadows
Under the crescant moonlight
A fire burns through me
A new vision proceeds

This rebirth, what can it bring?
Can I see the virtue of these darker times?

Immortal days of old
Forlorn in the past
The spirit of eternal power

The past is revealed in shadows
That tear at my heart
Oh, how I yearn for days of old
Thy memories bring a shattered existence

Drenched in thy bitter sorrow
I laugh and stake my claim
Blood exudes from the sky
Like a beast it devours the flesh

Into madness take my soul
Deliver onto me, my unquenched desire

Behold a baptism in chaos
Night’s kiss of death, its unrelenting power
A feast of mortal souls
The world under an empire made of fire

Eternally binded into tragedy’s cause
Forged in the bloody depths of the fallen ones
Track Name: Semper in Angaria
Wails of anguish turn to sadness
Stifling nerves turn to dust

Hear the Absence of laughter
Feel the cold grasp of death

Semper in Angaria, Always in torment

Woeful screams turn to madness
A choir of agony Permeates
Tears echo in the cold winds embrace
On broken wings they….they are enslaved
Track Name: A Threnody of Vanquished Dreams
From haunted Dreams, Passions awake
Rising from the battlefield, with a piercing gaze

Without Fear, warriors arise
A cry of War, an endless night

Born again, in the flames of wrath
Surrounded by the stench of death

As rain falls from the sky
An ominous glow passes their eyes
Seduced by the dark embrace of night
A malignant curse clouds their minds

Grasping the soil
Vengeance whispers it’s final breath
The mortal world has been slain

Enter the path to eternal realms
A bloodbath has now been written in stone

From the darkness within
Beneath the moonlit sky
Beats the heart of death’s design

The birth of a new dawn
A void has arrived
The past is buried in an incubus of time
Track Name: Emptiness Upon The Throne
When darkness arrives
It withers the mind
A Tapestry of chaos and umbra combine
When nightfall arrived
It plagued the divine
Life forms; deformed, emanate in the sky

Embodiment of flesh and mind
A celestial guidance towards…Redemption

Silent, seeking in the shadows
Purity is torn from the grasp of the hollow
Mystic light deciphers an illumination
Departed souls reveal a coming age

The fallen this night
A mournful sight
The hymn of obscurity
Spreads fear among the light
A mindful eye, a deadly design
Brings death to all mortal kind

Screams are heard, as the sky turns red
The fearless ones embrace the dead
Cold and lifeless, in mourning they fled
The Tyranny from dreams has spread

Burning eyes peer from illusions
Silence this night, gasping for a final breath

Behold a grand design
A world turned to ash
Swept away with the mortal tide

An echo of tortured souls fills the skies
A Betrayal of an ominous kind

Emptiness upon the Throne

A mournful sight, a bitter night
A requiem
A threnody of vanquished dreams
An emptiness
Track Name: Awakening
Exalted, he welcomes destinies new strides
From death... comes a new world from which he is blind

Laden with corpses he walks a narrow path between a mortal and the divine

Remnants, of the past infiltrate his mind
A clouded vision, he stares into obscurities eyes

Awakened, he realizes the tragedy surrounding him, Excidium’s design

A sickness, overwhelms him as he glances over a dying world
Suddenly, he feels cold, a draft sweeps over his nerves
Staring back, he recognizes his nemesis is before him
A mere shadow of his former self