Immortal Dawn

by Inquinok

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Inquinok’s second album was released in 2009 which featured a new drummer (Tormentor), keyboard player (Arnor) and bass player (Kythving). Musically this album was darker, faster and more brutal than the first album. Like the first album this was a concept album and actually a continuation of the story from Entranced by Twilight’s Gaze. The idea and concept of this album was focused on dealing with the aftermath and tragedy of the first album with the main character who was a general in the kings army main focus to be revenge for the slaughtered of his own family by the king he trusted and was betrayed by. The ironic part of the story though is that this character to get his revenge ends up resorting to the same cruelty he despised so much where his vengeful actions end up haunting him in the end. The main character ends up defeating the king but ends up alone to rule over a desolate kingdom.


released January 9, 2009

Krelian - Rhythm Guitar and Vocals
Mordred - Lead Guitar
Kythving - Bass Guitar
Arnor - Keyboards
Tormented - Drums



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Inquinok Seattle, Washington

Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal band out of Seattle, WA. The band was started in 2000 by Krelian and Andrew but formed it's first full lineup in 2001. Over the years the band has made a name for themselves as one of the U.S. premiere black metal and extreme metal acts with it's 4 releases (one being a demo) including the recently released 3rd album 'Dimension of I'. ... more

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Track Name: Legions
Staring into the falling sky
A chill ignites inside as the flames arise

Darkness arrives as the daylight dies
The legions devour the night

Wails of the dying, terror arrives
Engulfing the land, reaping domination

Silence is filled with a cacophony of screams
A suffering which the conquer demands

Silence amongst a catastrophic background
A tapestry of rotten flesh and decay

With bleeding eyes
A storm of fate
Torn from a dying world
Brought to deaths gate

Bleeding within
A vision grown dim
Fading into darkness
Held in deaths embrace
Track Name: Torn
Emptiness….From which he wakes
A Cold breeze, scattered remains
Life, but a whisper of a past memory
Dispelled, this belief of a better path

Torn from within
Shackled in death’s embrace
A crown of thorns
Imprisoning the shattered remains

Gazing into the realm of despair
Whispering sounds of sorrow
Echoes…..of the damned
Embracing twilight, a realization of what’s to come

Torn from within
A blackened soul embraced
A silhouette of a man in its place

Tormented in the seeds of reality
A path of the unconscious, no longer ingrained
Impervious to the shadow, no longer entrenched in pain

Pale… his reflection
A feeling of bitter disdain
Life, but a whisper of a past memory
Dispelled, this belief of a better path
Track Name: Triumphant
Beyond the hills, lies a land
As cold as winters breath
Glacial Dominion, with a tortures gaze

Tortures gaze

Unyielding bane of winter’s wrath
Triumphant this realm of immortal ice

Frozen, benumbed as the earth he stands
Past images bring warmth of a forgotten sun

Forgotten sun

Memories seem so distant
Scares of melancholy
Longing for times of old
A realization brings forth a cold reality

Retribution sustains his desire
A conquer he has become
The last memory of a dying sun

Looking around, a withered earth
Conjuring a future that is wrapped up in the past
An environment as fitting as the days to come
Befall this desolate existence

As tragedy crawls amongst the horizons
Triumph bellows through the halls of his mind
Retribution sustains his desire
Ice turns to fire, burning visions engulf the night
Track Name: Vengeful Tranquillity
The feeling of anguish engulfed in an open flame
Feel the flames of distraught
Burning within, hatred defined as madness

Farther into obscurity
Enduring this flesh
Can I become one?

Can I purge the ruins the past
Plagued by an eternal breath
Further into obscurity
A vengeful tranquility

Paths laid out before me
Darkness enshrined, an enigmatic vision
Fallen, Bending their will
Enthroned within a bleak embrace

Burning within
Hatred defined as madness

Further into obscurity
A Vengeful tranquillity
Track Name: Immortal Dawn
Obsidian eyes gaze upon the battlefield
Reborn, flesh becomes one with steel

The Dawn of War Arrives
Reborn with a crown of thorns
The Dawn of War Arrives
The March of the Immortal Dawn

Banners rise, symbols of conquering age
The shadow of death prepares for his claim

Fires painted upon a dark misfortune
Their brush strokes stoking the heart of the flames

Eyes ablaze, a fervent disdain
An allegiance written in blood
Calls forth a conquering age

Skies ablaze, Commanding the night
Reborn to obscurity, an immortal might
Silence within, a somber serenity
A cold grasp upon a blackening heart
Track Name: Bloodlines
The swarm of the hordes
Living among the damned
Blood spills upon
The ruins of an empire

The nightfall brings forth dismay
Black as night they come
In darkness they prey
Beasts of conceding inner twilight
Perpetual desolation through a virulent


Baneful in its hate
Immolation of an impervious state
Clasping onto its victim
Ripping flesh from ragged bone

Beasts of an imperial night
Darkness perched upon a shadowy gravestone
Images of the lost in their eyes
A craving is reborn, a fervent desire

Harboring the night, a cacophonous shriek
A knife like piercing pitch
Carried through the skies
Stabbing into the heart of perpetual desolation

Suffering seen through his eyes
An awakening of perception
Eyes bleeding out visions of dismay
Malice unchained
An alliance torn apart
Shackled within a consensual nightmare
Never again
Track Name: Divine Tragedy
As if time stood still
Memories, regrets plague my thoughts
A path chosen, an ever clinging guilt
Further into obscurity I fall
Past undone, an existence in ruins
As if written in stone, a test of morality

Struggle of calamity
Weakening the grip of reality

Smothered is the path of virtuous
Conscious is time, healing mortal wounds
A regression, past dimension
Time kneels before the immortal dawn